Now you've come to the end of our riddle, I'd say you deserve a prize. After all Halloween only comes once a year! After some brainstorming, we came up with the idea of making those who want them a coat of arms, a page header, or some other type of custom art.

A coat of arms would be, well a coat of arms. About a month ago, I made one for Samurai, so if you want to know what it would sort of look like, there you go.


I can always try and suprise you, but it would probably be easiest if I could get some sort of description from you. Set up a time with me on my Adventurous Dragon Fruit message wall (check SEEKer's availability for reference), that we can meet in the main chat to talk about it. It shouldn't take too long, but this way I'll have the best idea for what you'd like.

Another option would be a page header. This would probably be your name for your page, but it can be whatever you'd like. Below is an example of what it could look like, although that one was just thrown together, and yours would look a lot nicer. ;D


To get one of these, same deal as the Coat of Arms. 

The time it will take to do one of these will depend on how many people are wanting one, and just my homework load for the week. You can probably expect one in your mailbox in 1-2 weeks. 

Anyways, great job completing our treasure hunt! 

-Knights Bobcatsio and Ninja